Zombie Incident


Hamartia, the great citadel, became the symbol of human sin. After centuries of excesses its penance was going to come. In the darkness of the night, chaos invaded everything. Beasts started to scream. Nothing was like before! No one sane would go to that place.

Join our heroine to explore the citadel, find the eight golden stars, and run away from there!


  • CoderChild and NeneFranz bring you this adventure, awarded in 2011, to your Nintendo 3DS™ consoles.
  • With stunning pixel-art graphics and an amazing chiptune soundtrack.
  • And so you can get challenged by and with your friends, register your high scores on the online leaderbords!


  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Adventure, Platformer, Action
  • Publisher: CoderChild
  • Developer: CoderChild

Available on:

  • Nintendo of America

Release Date: February 2015

Language: English, French, Spanish

Nintendo 3DS: 1,99$

  • Nintendo of Europe

Release Date: February 2015

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

Nintendo 3DS: 1,99€

In game screenshots:

CTR_N_JUZP_ZombieIncident_ScreenOnline_0__ALL CTR_N_JUZP_ZombieIncident_ScreenOnline_3__ALL
CTR_N_JUZP_ZombieIncident_ScreenOnline_2__ALL CTR_N_JUZP_ZombieIncident_ScreenOnline_1__ALL
CTR_N_JUZP_ZombieIncident_ScreenOnline_4__ALL online-rankings

Wallpapers & Artwork ^3^:)

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