Dev Log #11: Second Playtest

Since last post, I’ve been really busy. One month later, I’ll try to write a summary of the new things implemented in the game.

I spent more than a week improving things found on the first play test.

Then I started including new enemies in new rooms. These rooms are just sandboxes where the enemies live. 9 new enemies were developed, but they need still some features, like audio feedbacks and some also need correct graphics (they’re using placeholders now).


I had to scale down the character for design reasons. This was a really critical step.

I first thought it was just a matter of scaling down the graphics, and just adapt the bounding volumes of the actor. But it was more deep than this. Scaling down the character means you have to adjust also the entity speed. If not, it may seem like the character is marching. This also means you should also adjust the walk animation speed to match the new movement speed. Changing the entity speed, means also the character will not reach some platforms when doing a horizontal jump! This means also the level design needs to be accomodated to the new scenario. As you can see, changing the scale on this kind of game, has several important implications, so be careful when designing your character size!

At this poing I was thinking on doing a new playtest to check everything was properly working and get new points to continue working. I thought it would be great to include one of the other gameplays in this version and so I did. I started working on integrating the shmup gameplay in that version.

It took me more than one day, but after that, I recovered almost all the functionality, including cinematics and the subboss battle.


And that’s it, hope you love it!

See ya!


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