Dev Log #3: Level creation workflow study

Note: This writting will be very summarized. It’s just a dev log.

One of the things I’m studying the development of my next game using Unity, is because I expect I can use some cool features not implemented in my engine. One of the things I’m looking for is a cool way of managing lighting even for a 2D game.

I want to check normal mapping, dynamic lighting and lightmapping and see if this can create a colorful and rich player experience.

On the other hand, I’m studying this possible workflow just to know how level edition can be performed, and also start guessing room dimensions and those things for the new game.


A good thing about Unity is we can make prefabs of tiles. This way, we can create a tile like a quad, build the room, and later change the tile properties which will propagate among all the prefab instances. In this case, I changed a quad to a cube just to check how will look the game with some perspective.


Still having to decide how many vertical levels will have every room. It strictly depends on the size of the character we want and the fact that I don’t want to do a scrolling through the room. All the room should be visible at the same time because this improves the player orientation in the whole level: this room is below that, and to the right of this one… I don’t discard performing scroll in rooms, but it will have to be selected in player preferences or something similar.

Regarding to shadows, I have to still decide the method to use. I tried Unity Projectors one in each light and following the player, but I don’t like the results because it introduces really ugly artifacts.

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