DTP:Cute Witches! Current State

In our previous post, we were talking about the things still to be done until the next milestone. So, we’ll use this list and we’ll stroke through the points already finished.
  • Concept approval of the game. Yessss, we’re finishing and it’s still not approved! We finally got the approval!
  • Write the electronic manual. It’s done!. We’re happy with the result : )
  • Electronic manual and ingame text localization.
  • Localization integration.
  • Content polish: some animations, graphics, sounds … just details. To be honest, this stage never finishes. There’s always something that can be improved… but there is a point we need to say STOP!
  • Game illustration. It’s done!
  • Game Logo. It’s done!
  • Prepare and send age rating material for ESRB, PEGI & USK
  • Bug fixig… yes we have some of them : / There is always some dumb bug there,
  • Implement save game module for the console. It’s done!
  • Integrate support for stereoscopic vision into the engine. It’s done!
  • Fill the paperwork for testing.
  • And finally…. Send to test for the game approval!
  • And then marketing assets elaboration… promotion, etc, etc, etc
As you can see, we’ve done many things since then. This week we’ll finish the issues regarding localization and preparing the rating authorities materials, and also we’ll start preparing the paperwork for testing, continue with the polish and the bug fixing. There will always remain bugs, although they can be really dumb. Take note of the processes involved during the development, and the names and jargon we use (milestone, rating certification, etc…). If you’re lucky enough to develop professionally a video game, these concepts will sure arise : ) Here at CoderChild, we would like to show you how internally this profession works, at least in small doses. And because of this, we do not hesitate showing you all this process, just in order to let you get an idea of how a console videogame is done. Take a look at our published posts. You’ll find always some interesting details there to be taken into account : ) By the way! Do you know that may be this project will be released in Japan!?! See ya buddies!!
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