Current state of the DTP:CW project

We know these kind of posts are usually written on Friday but today we will explain a bit of the current status of the DTP:CW project. Of course, this will not be de final name, but for now we prefer to refer to it in this way. At the specific moment we will unveil it’s name! : ) In the last 2 months and a half, we’ve been putting all our efforts in this project. Basically, we want to release a game for the digital market in the eShop (thanks to the publisher) So first of all, we thought about the concept, and then we started the hard work. At this moment, the game contents is already finished. We can safely say the completeness of the project is at 90% or even more, and the remaining work is what we’ll be working for the next weeks. Right now we’re on the polish and preliminary test stage. This stage is specially sloooow : ) Now we’ll explain what exactly needs to be done until the following milestone:
  • Concept approval of the game. Yessss, we’re finishing and it’s still not approved!
  • Write the electronic manual.
  • Electronic manual and ingame text localization.
  • Localization integration.
  • Content polish: some animations, graphics, sounds … just details
  • Game illustration.
  • Game Logo.
  • Prepare and send age rating material for ESRB, PEGI & USK
  • Bug fixig… yes we have some of them : /
  • Implement save game module for the console.
  • Integrate support for stereoscopic vision into the engine.
  • Fill the paperwork for testing.
  • And finally…. Send to test for the game approval!
  • And then marketing assets elaboration… promotion, etc, etc, etc
Some of these things will be done by the publisher, and some others (most of them) are ours. Did you guessed all the things need to be done in order to publish a game for a console? Hope you’ve found interesting this post ! ^_^
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